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Digital Robo Advice Offering

United Asset Strategies’ institutional Robo Advisor platform offers a digital investment option without losing the human touch. Our low cost solution will give individual investors with a minimum investment of $5,000 access to the active investment strategy of a proven investment manager.

While we take pride in offering a low-cost, digital solution, our dynamic portfolios are continually modified to meet the ever changing economic landscape. The foundation of our model creation and modification criteria is a proprietary rules based system that evaluates macroeconomic, fundamental and technical indicators. Once our baseline model is created, these changes are incorporated into the 30 different portfolio allocations.

With 30 unique portfolio models, including a tax loss harvesting strategy and tax free fixed income offering, we believe that we have a solution to meet our client needs and risk profiles. Each model employs complex algorithms for disciplined portfolio rebalancing. With the use of no transaction fee, low-cost ETFs and our minimal management fee, the total all-in cost of our institutional management is less than the cost of most actively managed mutual funds.

Since our platform is completely digital, clients have access to their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you login to your account, you will be able to view each investment within the account, your account balances and update your risk profile at any time. Clients will feel safe knowing that while United Asset Strategies will be managing your money, your assets are held at  Charles Schwab & Co., an SIPC insured broker dealer. Further, you may contact our office to ask investment and financial planning questions at any time.

United Asset Strategies digital solution is meant to meet the ever changing needs and preferences of our clients. Although this investment solution is completed entirely online, we want you to know that our qualified friendly staff stands ready to field questions or concerns regarding your digital account or other investment and financial planning needs.

  • Institutional platform
    • Assets held at Charles Schwab, not UASI
    • Transparency- ability to see all ETF holdings within the portfolio
    • Low cost- total platform costs are less than the cost of most actively managed mutual funds.
    • Access- gain access to institutional investment management with a minimal investment of only $5,000.
    • Human touch- Investment committee team will weigh economic, fundamental and technical analysis prior to changing our models. Not a set and forget automated process.
  • Diversifications
    • 28 asset class categories
    • 450 index-based ETFs
  • Customization
    • 30 portfolio options are offered to meet client preferences for risk, return, income and tax situation (conservative to aggressive, taxable and tax-free income portfolios)
  • Investor Profile Questionnaire (IPQ) to assess a client’s risk capacity, risk willingness, goals and preferences.
    • Risk capacity- focused on investment objective, investment amount and time horizon.
      • Investment goal
      • Investment size and frequency
      • Income needs
      • Time horizon
    • Risk willingness-focused on assessing a client’s attitude toward volatility of returns and probability of loss.
      • Investment knowledge
      • Perception of risk
      • Response to investment loss
      • Regret aversion
      • Acceptable range of returns
  • Complex algorithm for disciplined rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting.
    • Automatic Rebalance- Keep portfolio risk in line with client risk profile
    • Tax-loss harvesting- keep market exposure while capturing tax deductions for purposes of federal income taxes or minimizing taxable gains.
  • Focus on low cost, higher liquidity ETF’s to maximize performance
  • Web based platform - ability to access account, update investment profile and view portfolio performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.